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Tattoos in a calm and peaceful studio to provide an environment for transformation and self-discovery.

Monthly Newsletter  -  February 2017 

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February is known for love. Caroline and Felix are back from vacation and we welcome the feeling of togetherness in the studio. Rainfire Tattoo wishes Ashley safe travels and we look forward to having him back as a guest artist in the future. We have invested in a new electronically adjustable massage table for improved client comfort and self-care. Wishing you warmth in your heart this month. 

Please see below designs that are available for booking in February and March.
<3 Katia


Original Designs for February 2017 by Katia Somerville

We find abundance in our exploration of perpetual motion and perspective. 

*The design above has been transposed onto a model and has not been tattooed*

On the axis of where we have been and the disposable universe, there is celebration. Calculation, spontaneity and freedom of choice reach in all directions, but not without purpose or pattern.

*The design above has been transposed onto a model and has not been tattooed*

The earth and stars are infinite. Truth and question are formed in layers with shades of hyperbolic geometry. 

*The design above has been transposed onto a model and has not been tattooed*

Gems and jewels adorn
The curves and curls, 
Swirls and petals,
Of all we embrace. 

*The design above has been transposed onto a model and has not been tattooed*

Book a Tattoo with Katia

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> These tattoo designs will only be shown in this newsletter on the first of each month and on the website blog.
> Each design will only ever be tattooed once and the recipient will be chosen at random.
> You have until
 10am on February 1st to apply for a design from this design sheet. 
> Each design is intended for a specific body part, however alternative placement ideas may be considered. Please include this and any other requests or questions in the comment section of the tattoo form.

*These are original art works by Katia Somerville. With respect, please do not duplicate her designs, bring them to another tattoo artist nor post them online. All tattoos are one-time custom pieces that Katia has drawn with intention to share with her community.

Thank you for your continued support as Rainfire Tattoo grows and evolves.

Original Designs for February 2017 by Caroline Cloutier: 
1 : Hope : across the shoulder blade
2 : Amulet : hand, forearm, back, open to placement
3 : Love, simply : arm, back, open to placement
4 : One heart : sternum, forearm, open to placement

Please e-mail if you are interested in one of these designs, with the title of the piece as the subject name!
January Tattoos by Katia
First tattoo of 2017 and also Janet's first tattoo:) When we trust our intuition and believe our dreams, we have the ability to see through illusion and dive straight to the truth. ❤ Katia
Thriving with life, this land of enchantment has roots in the underworld, with threads of light and tendrils of fantasy.  ❤ Katia
A late night at the studio finishing off Dylan's sleeve of self-discovery. Such a great week to start off what promises to be an amazing year of tattoos. ❤ Katia
Spontaneous first tattoo for such a lovely lady today. Represents following your dreams and having the courage to overcome limiting beliefs by the vulnerability to trust.  ❤ Katia
A dotwork mandala addition to Tiffany's sleeve. ❤ Katia
The beginning of a fun and whimsical back tattoo for Joanna!  ❤ Katia
January Tattoos by Caroline Cloutier
“Despite the cold chill, she burned inside with a hunger she didn’t want to dismiss. Not tonight.” 
― Katherine McIntyre

To gracefully step back into her power and rise from the ashes, strong and free. Dearest Sabrina, thank you for sharing your journey with such passion and love  Your presence is a blessing! Very much looking forward to wrapping that tail around your forearm !
“We often forget our human connectedness. Throughout my life, I have felt the greatest beauty lies in this connection. It has been in the deepest connections with others that I have experienced the greatest degree of learning, healing and transformation. This connection is a powerful thing, with the ability to transform lives, and ultimately transform human experience.”
― Kristi Bowman

A waterfall of feathers to celebrate change - kiss this chapter goodbye, turn the page and start writing the next one. Thank you dear Jennifer. Your warmth and light are wonderfully contagious 
“Everything turns in circles and spirals with the cosmic heart until infinity. Everything has a vibration that spirals inward or outward — and everything turns together in the same direction at the same time. This vibration keeps going: it becomes born and expands or closes and destructs — only to repeat the cycle again in opposite current. Like a lotus, it opens or closes, dies and is born again.Such is also the story of the sun and moon, of me and you. Nothing truly dies. All energy simply transforms.” 
― Suzy Kassem

Beautiful Anna, I feel blessed that our paths have crossed. Thank you for this amazing journey, for sharing your story so generously, for letting me into your skin, and for your kindness, your grace, and your warm presence. May this tattoo inspire you to be the highest and wildest version of yourself!   

“Les gens se sentent seuls parce qu’ils construisent des murs au lieu de ponts.”
― Joseph Fort Newton

Abstraction florale pour souligner l'importance de suivre son instinct, sa vérité profonde, sa propre voix, et se rappeler qu'il n'est jamais trop tard pour oser et essayer. Merci de tout coeur Nancy de m'avoir confié ton premier tatouage! Au plaisir 
“If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” 
― T.S. Eliot

To simply keep trying and daring - holding your vision close to your heart, and keep walking. Thank you Hilary 
“Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.”
― Vesta M. Kelly

To embrace our uniqueness and celebrate it with all the differences we come across. Thank you sweet Kim; it was a pleasure offering you your first tattoo experience. 
"I am not this fragile body." - Deng Ming-Dao

A shoulder mandala to move beyond pain and physical limitations to a place of forgiveness and boundless strength. Thank you dearest Robyn. Until next time 
January Tattoos by Ashley Apok 
I'm going to be in Bali for Feb-March and then at the Nepal Tattoo Convention March 31st - April 2nd. I'm excited to explore some new creative mediums while in Bali! I added this blackout triangle mandala to the skull I did last year. Thanks again for the trust Ken.
What are you willing to sacrifice for love? For love of self, or the love of another? Western culture celebrates the individual and the separate self- a culture of narcissists putting themselves first. I seek a balance between the strength and wholeness of the individual, and the softening of borders to let the world in. Finished up the dot grading on this wrapping shoulder mandala. Thank you for the trust Julian.
I tattooed this full moon today on the full moon! We added the constellation Cassiopeia and a crystal cluster. Life is beautiful, enjoy that shit. Thank you for the trust Courtenay! 
Thank you to everyone who has given me the trust of their skin, commented on my art, liked, shared, or been inspired by my work- without your reflections I am nothing. Thank you. Gratitude. May we continue to shine our lights at one another and burn brighter as a whole.
Pull in your energy. Collect your separate parts. Sever energetic threads that no longer serve. Become so full of self love that you shine. Only then can you move through the world without needing to be propped up; only then can you be whole. Stoked on this outline- thank you for the trust Dakota.
I had fun doing this mandala upgrade of a clients existing tattoo. Thanks for the trust Vicky!
Feelings of aloneness and isolation are so common today- we seemingly don't have time to connect, or offer our presence to another. What if you realized that rushing around your busy life wasn't getting you anywhere- that simply stopping to notice the fullness of the present moment was the greatest gift you could ever give yourself? Thanks for your trust Leora.
Denise is from Mexico and we had a great time connecting about Mayan culture, ancient civilizations, and megalithic structures. The mystery of Human past is fascinating to me. Did you know that anatomically modern Humans have existed for 100,000 years and archeology can only account for around 14,000 years of Human history? What were we as a species doing for the other 86,000 years? Thank you for your trust Denise.
January Tattoos by Felix Addison
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