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Katia Somerville is the owner and an artist at Rainfire Tattoo, and opened the business at the current Vancouver location in 2012. She started her journey into tattooing in 2006, when she apprenticed under Rowan Kimsey (Rain), who currently works in Portland OR.

Katia has successfully given apprenticeships to two talented tattoo artists (Vanessa Dong and Faye Basravi) and is currently mentoring her new apprentice, Kylie Faelan. Our artists’ lineage can be traced back over a century ago to legendary tattooists, Bert Grimm and his apprentice Don Deaton (founder and owner of Sea Tramp Tattoo, which is now the oldest existing tattoo shop in Portland, OR). See below for more information on our history and legacy.

Learn about the Tattoo Journey of Katia Somerville:

At the end of a 10 year teaching career, I felt drawn to creating art on the body and began bodypainting at festivals. In 2006, I met Rain and my tattoo apprenticeship began. Tattooing in the evenings, I attended conventions, and travelled often. I fell in love with tattooing and the possibilities for transformation.

From 2007-2011, business picked up substantially, and in 2012 I opened the Vancouver studio that is currently Rainfire Tattoo. A team started to build, and my style evolved to geometry and blackwork.

Now, many years later, I have had the honour to work alongside many amazing artists who’ve come through the doors of Rainfire Tattoo. Nearing the end of 2020, business is thriving, even after a tumultuous year. I hope you can come get a tattoo and visit us soon. <3

< For more information about the business and how it has evolved, feel free to check out past newsletter issues.

—- Thank you for reading. —-
<3 Katia Somerville


Rainfire Team Photos:

In photos above: Paul Bevan, Bekki Lunalana, Faye Basravi, Molly Doherty (studio manager), Katia Somerville, Ashley Apok, Felix Addison, and Kylie Faelan.

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