Available Designs

These designs have not yet been tattooed, and they are shown here as placement suggestions only.
Contact the artist directly and let them know where on your body you would like to have their design tattooed.

*Please do not duplicate these designs in any way as they belong to the artists*

Designs by Katia Somerville

Please contact Katia at rainfiretattoo@gmail.com to book one of these designs. *New designs are released in the email newsletter which gets sent at midnight on the 1st of every month. The application for the new designs closes at 10am that same day. Katia also offers one trust tattoo per month through the newsletter. Sign up at the bottom of this page.

Designs by Faye Basravi

To apply for one of Faye’s designs below please email her directly at faye.tattoos@gmail.com.

Designs by Ashley Apok

To apply for one of Ashley’s designs below please Apply here: https://tinyurl.com/apokoct2020

As Above So Below
Floral petals and lush growth fan away from this energetic column. From root to crown, this design was created with the intention of transcending our limiting beliefs and stories to become our most vibrant selves. 

Nightshade FlowerSome flowers only bloom at night. Opening to shine their beauty to the stars, and creatures of the night. 

Walk the Path
This powerful chest adornment is created in the spirit of walking our soul’s path. Drawing energy from deep within to show up in a heart-forward way, everyday. This design is intended for a female-embodied person.

Stand Proud
Rooted into the ground of being, this design is imbued with the energy of standing in ones power. Matching ornamental thigh adornments to solidify the wearer in their expanding / unfolding life path. Suggested placement.

Pillar of Self
This design was created with the intention of hugging in and shining out- a pillar of self love. The two floral elements contain and direct the energy within, while the centre flower unfolds to the world. Suitable for a Female-embodied person.

Designs by Paul Bevan

To apply for one of Paul’s designs below please email him directly at paulbevantattoo@gmail.com

Designs by Apprentice, Kylie Faelan

To apply for one of Kylie’s available designs: email her directly, at kylie.faelan@gmail.com.

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