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Bekki Luna Lana

From the United Kingdom

BOOKS OPEN <December 2019/March 2020>
Instagram Portfolio @lunalanatattoo
Email Bekki at

Thalia Couture

From Gabriola Island, BC

BOOKS OPEN – Instagram Portfolio @tygerwytch
Email Thalia at

Alana Cronshaw

From Nelson, BC

BOOKS OPEN – Instagram @alana_cronshaw
Email Alana at

Janine Vitales

From North Vancouver

BOOKS OPEN – Instagram Portfolio @alchemybrows
Email Janine at

Megan Allard

From Sydney, Australia

BOOKS OPEN <May 2020>
Instagram Portfolio @meganallardart
Email Megan at

Paul Bevan

From the United Kingdom

Paul’s books are open to discuss potential booking ideas and online/telephone consults for booking appointments for as soon as his residency details are confirmed later this year.
BOOKS OPEN <Late Winter 2019> 
Instagram Portfolio @paulbevantattoo
Email Paul at

Past Guest Artists:

Mary Jane Watson from Sweden: 2019

Gina Zajec from Mexico: 2019

Mariana Groning from Mexico: 2019

Wendi Kai from USA: 2019

Dmitry Razin from Latvia: 2019

Jacquelina Divina from Victoria, BC: 2019

Leigh Harris from Sweden: 2019

Gloria Faron from Warsaw, Poland: 2019

Savannah Mah from Mission, BC: 2018 

Jean-Phillippe Caron from Banff AB: 2018

Tedd Hucks From Ontario: 2017

Lu Loram-Martin From UK/Ontario: 2017

Katakan Kabin From Quebec: 2016

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