Katia Somerville

Katia is the owner and main tattoo artist at Rainfire Tattoo, and opened the business at the current location in 2012. She started her journey into tattooing in 2006, when she was apprenticed by Rowan Kimsey (Rain), who currently works in Portland OR.  Katia places importance on the client’s experience, hoping to make it positive, memorable and meaningful. She is constantly learning and growing in her work as an artist and as a human being. Have a look at the Testimonials page to hear about experiences from her clients.

Katia is certified in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens. You can be assured that everything used at the studio is one-use, safe and sterile. The studio is inspected regularly by the Vancouver Health Board.

Katia specializes in sacred geometry, mandalas, dot-work, black & grey, patterns and mehndi styles. She asks that you do not copy or duplicate her art or tattoos in any way.

@rainfiretattookatia on Instagram

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