Katia Somerville

Katia, the owner and an artist at Rainfire Tattoo, opened the business at the current location in 2012. She started tattooing in 2006, with her mentor Rowan Kimsey (Rain), who currently works in Portland OR.  Katia places importance on the client’s experience, hoping to make it positive and meaningful. She is constantly learning and growing in her work as an artist and as a human being. To read more about Katia’s tattoo history, click here. Katia ‘s style includes sacred geometry, mandalas, dot-work, black & grey, patterns, line work, mehndi. delicate trees and castles.

She puts out new designs every month in the newsletter that new clients are able to apply for, and custom projects are for returning clients. There is also a Trust Tattoo offered every month in the newsletter, where the client doesn’t see the design until after the tattoo is complete. @rainfiretattookatia

Katia, is currently only booking new clients with designs that are released in the monthly email newsletter, on the first day of each month. Each design is only ever tattooed once.

Please do not copy or duplicate her art or tattoos in any way.

Tattoo Portfolio

Designs by Katia Somerville

Please contact Katia at rainfiretattoo@gmail.com to book one of these designs. *New designs are released in the email newsletter which gets sent at midnight on the 1st of every month. The application for the new designs closes at 10am that same day. Katia also offers one trust tattoo per month through the newsletter. Sign up at the bottom of this page.

“Throughout the tattoo, I could feel Katia’s constant caring and kind nature. Being cautious and careful in areas where I was hurting more, but meticulously efficient. Within the pain, I felt safe and strong. She gave me the strength to get through the tattoo with how aware she was of my skin and body. It almost felt like we were both challenging and pushing each other forward. An unforgettable experience.” – Shusmita

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