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Rainfire Tattoo steps strongly into the New Year. Katia is offering 6 designs plus a trust tattoo for booking in the next 2 months. Please see below for designs by her and Faye. We welcome new artist Amelie, bringing a splash of colour and edginess. We are excited to support her growth. Please email her or Faye, Ashley or Felix for tattoo inquiries.
Stay tuned for exciting guest artists from around the world tattooing with us in 2018. If you are an artist who would like a guest spot please submit your portfolio to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Monthly Newsletter  -  January 2018

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Self-love. What does that mean to you? I used to blindly follow what others said was good for me without question and naively believe everything and follow what society said was ‘normal’. Endless allergy testing, emergency rooms, and doctors couldn’t figure out the source of the itchy hives all over my body that began at puberty. Ten years of daily medication to combat the hives before I realized that they were caused by the birth control pill. No one even suspected it! I also used to think that yoga was a waste of time, and I was the type of person who believed I couldn’t meditate because my mind was too busy and unable to quiet down.

I used to weigh over 200lbs, smoke cigarettes, and had a poor body image. I was often angry at myself and the world. Things needed to change.... Read the rest of this article by clicking this sentence. 


Original Designs for January 2018 by Katia Somerville

There are six designs available this month to be tattooed by Katia Somerville. Application link is below.
Please note that the images you see below are only design placement ideas. These designs have not yet been tattooed and will only ever be tattooed once. Also, please don't copy or duplicate these designs for any reason. 
Uniform of the Heart- Protecive and proactive armor, like time, is without beginning or end. Like light, it shines both inside and out. Wear it wisely. 
2. Peaceful Nobility: Ancient roots of rejoicing inspire personal transformation. This tattoo is available for hand/wrist placement only. 
3. Animated Expression: When we allow ourselves the freedom to be playful, we break down the fear that inhibits creativity. 
4. Muse Code- The Beauty in innovation is witnessed in our access to communication and resulting connection. 
5. Cozy Feather Den - The situation may not always be ideal, but when we explore the beauty in the details around us, we can find comfort. 
6. Castle of Light and Dark- Shades and layers add dimension to the energy of life. 

7. TRUST TATTOO - You choose the body location and Katia will speak with you and create a design for you. However you won't see the design until after the tattoo is complete. Thank you for your trust <3 Katia

  ---  TO APPLY FOR ONE OF THE ABOVE DESIGNS by Katia Somerville  ---

> Fill Out the Tattoo Form Here <

> These tattoo designs will only be shown in this newsletter on the first of each month and on the website blog.
> Each design will only ever be tattooed once and the recipient will be chosen mostly at random.
*These are original art works by Katia Somerville. With respect, please do not duplicate her designs, bring them to another tattoo artist nor post them online. All tattoos are one-time custom pieces that the artists have drawn with intention to share with her community.
Thank you for your continued support as Rainfire Tattoo grows and evolves.

Designs available for tattooing by Faye Cantara

The three designs below are available to be tattooed by the Rainfire Apprentice, Faye Cantara. Each design is unique and only tattooed once. She is open to placement ideas.

Faye has openings at $120/hr. If you are interested in booking one of the designs, please email Faye at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please use the design name in the subject of your email).

December 2017 Tattoos by Katia Somerville
Leg sleeve for Andrew, who drove twelve hours from the small town of Bella Coola for six sessions. Thanks Andrew, it's been so great getting to know you.
It was an honour to help Yvonne heal, recapture her sense of sensual femininity and help her feel beautiful again with this tattoo, covering a scar from the past. 
Finished this sleeve in four sessions, just a couple of days before Alex moved his life to Germany. It is a reminder of strength and allowing oneself to release outcomes and expectations, going with the flow and letting adventure in. 
Give moments to shutting off the mind, the never-ending to-do list. Allow yourself that time where anything goes. Jeremy's sleeve progression of delicious delights.
Finished a two year sleeve project this month with Tiffany. I love the way I really get to know people through projects and see them grow and change so much.
December 2017 Tattoos by Ashley Apok
I had the pleasure of adding some ornamental bits onto a piece I did a couple years ago. Stoked with how it came together!
I'm understanding that the phrase 'don't believe everything you think' is a doorway to life beyond stories and the constant fluctuations of the mind. Ask yourself: is this thought true, real, or significant? Surprisingly, the majority of thoughts are not worth the energy it takes to think them. I added some Sufi patterning to finish off the 1/2 sleeve I started for @naaskowripple awhile back. 
Spent an afternoon crushing out this outline for an amazing client. Geometry in nature, growth, spirals, and Muai Thai were the themes for this 1/2 sleeve. Stoked to start shading and adding some pattern fills.
I had the pleasure of finishing up this design, 'Grounded Levitation' from my November Design Offerings.
Started this Wolf moon ornamental piece for an amazingly strong warrior Woman. Thank you for the insights and conversation. 
Tattoo in progress. Spent two days tattooing this hexagon partial sleeve. Thanks for all the great convos and laughs @sinthetikcreature
Zodiac memorial tattoo for my homie Dayton. Thank you for your trust. 
Started this Mehndi Hamsa chest piece on a warrior Woman. 
December 2017 Tattoos by Faye Cantara
Lines, lines, lines for Simon!
A radiating mandala addition for Stephanie's flower of life.
So excited about how Abby's tattoo turned out. This idea started as a 'side boob mandala' and evolved into this awesome rib ornamentation.
Celestial, with Perseus for Cathy. 
Tattoos by Felix Addison
A raven which represents coming through the lessons of hard times and moving forward into the exploration of new dimensions and ways of being.
Part of a series of animals representing the client's family, this seahorse signifies his beloved partner.
This fellow gave me free rein with his calf and the idea of a cheetah and I feel that the resulting image combines a sense of both speed and stillness.
A first tattoo, the phoenix that always grows stronger through rebirth.
I'm quite proud of this piece, a little over a year ago the client came to me with a picture of a snarling wolf and asked me to combine it with sacred geometry and create a guardian to watch his back..