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Monthly Newsletter  -  September 2018

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In September, after the yearly art jam in Powell RIver with talented painter, Autumn Skye Morrison, Katia is preparing for her trip to Amsterdam and Poland, where she will be tattooing alongside other geometric tattoo artists from around the world, hosted by Piotr Szot. She will be gone most of the month, travelling with fellow tattoo artist Jacquelina Divina, and 2 others. They will also be visiting some castles. To follow their journey, see Katia's Instagram Story.
The other Rainfire artists will be tattoing while Katia is away. Faye is currently taking bookings. Click on her name to check out her portfolio.
Savannah Mah From Mission, BC November 12 - 16, 2018 - Currently accepting custom projects. You can email her at: sThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and check out her portfolio here

Megan Allard From Australia January 3-18, 2019 - Currently accepting custom projects. You can email her at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and check out her portfolio here

Katia will available to tattoo the new designs below, beginning in November.
Original Designs for September 2018 

by Katia Somerville

Rough-Fulled- Nature can surprise us and repulse us with its necessary intricacies of the monstrous and macabre. This design would suit a male or female. Your choice of design between the two shown. 

Iconic Icosahedron- Love, like water, has healing powers; most effective with patience and consistency. Drawn for a female sternum.

Tenacity- Confidence to spread your wings

I would love to tattoo this on a back, although the chest would look amazing as well.

Vibrant Transparency- The more layers and patterns are revealed, the more clear they become. 
Click on the image for a full version of this design. Would look good in many places, including between other tattoos, the ribs, the back, or wrapping around a leg. 

A trust tattoo is a process in which the recipient of the tattoo will only see the piece upon it's completion. This often includes wearing a blindfold throughout the session. This requires a high degree of trust between artist and client. Katia will have a conversation with you a few days prior to the session, and the design will be created following this discussion.

  ---  TO APPLY FOR ONE OF THE ABOVE DESIGNS by Katia Somerville  ---

> Fill Out the Tattoo Form Here <

> Each design will only ever be tattooed once and the recipient will be chosen mostly at random.
I am a fast tattoo artist, however the time it takes will depend on the canvas size and skin. The designs in this month's newsletter should be able to be completed one session, with the exception of 'Choose your Adventure'.  Thanks for your interest and for applying. <3 Katia
*These are original art works by Katia Somerville. With respect, please do not duplicate the designs, bring them to another tattoo artist nor post them online. All tattoos are one-time custom pieces that Katia has drawn with intention.

Original Designs for September 2018 

by Ashley Apok

This month Ashley Apok is offering a charity tattoo to raise awareness for the threatened Sockeye Salmon of our beloved West Coast.

He will be donating all proceeds from this tattoo to the Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society, which supports the work of Marine Biologist Alexandra Morton. Alexandra has been leading the fight against Salmon fish farming and the spread of disease via infected farmed fish to wild Salmon populations. Alexandra desperately needs financial assistance to help cover legal expenses for multiple lawsuits against Marine Harvest, a multinational aquaculture corporation doing everything they can to stop Alexandra's work. You can learn more about Alexandra's work here:
If this cause and design resonates with you, please let Ashley know by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This design would look awesome as a calf, thigh, or arm tattoo- please specify your preference.

August 2018 Tattoos by Katia Somerville
Let yourself soar through vulnerabilities while trusting the process of growth. Sometimes the only thing you can do it wait and let time pass. I will be working on the inner arm of this tattoo in Poland ♥Katia
Music, Motivation and Mastery- Perpetual motion of creative invention and dedication to excellence.
Hang on and don't let go. Life tends to throw big obstacles, which may seem like gigantic mountains in your path. But nobody trips over mountains, its the stones that cause you to stumble. So let yourself stumble but keep moving forward. You win by refusing to be discouraged by defeat. 
Thank you Rick for driving from your converted church hostel in Revelstoke. . ♥Katia
I've been contemplating change lately, since visiting family. I know it's inevitable, things changing around us, however are you resistant to it or do you welcome it? I have friends who don't like change, and try to keep their lives the way it is. Perhaps it's fear of the unknown, or the comfort in familiarity.
It's interesting to me because I've always felt the desire to say yes to change, whether it's changing friendships that no longer inspire me, changing a residence, changing a view, or changing a career.  Life excites me when I'm challenged to explore different realities and possibilities.♥Katia
Trust Tattoo as Jessica's FIRST to cover self-harm scars from her teenage years. 

My first tattoo at 16 was done in a biker shop and the artist had his phone under one ear while he was tattooing me. It was a little gecko I picked off the wall and I decided to get it on a whim. I remember thinking it hurt so much I would never get another one. 
After I got back home I decided that now I had a gecko tattoo, maybe I'd get a pet lizard.
So just then I went to the pet store and bought a bearded dragon, Tsar, and not long after, expanded to house full of reptiles. I also started a little business of breeding and selling reptiles to help get through college. ♥Katia
Sometimes a tattoo's deepest meaning has to do with the time when the tattoo was completed. Tbis client, at 42, decided to go back to college to complete a course she dropped out of 25 years ago. Since then she has overcome some deep traumas and is taking back a dream. ♥Katia
A trust tattoo on a marathon runner who wants to eventually get both legs completely covered. 
Suspense - When life is viewed as a mystery, everything is a clue.
August 2018 Tattoos by Ashley Apok
I watched the standup comedy show 'Nanette' and was profoundly moved by this stunning piece of art. 
Being embodied as a white, gender-normal male, I found myself made uncomfortable as this Woman first made me laugh, and then cry as she shredded entrenched patriarchal and mysogmistic perspectives. 
The raw, and vulnerable beauty in which she delivered these mortal blows to outdated ways of thinking was breathtaking. I highly recommend it.
Wow, feeling so much gratitude for this Woman for her strength and courage! Thank you Marci, for your warmth and care. And thanks for the great convos too!
Thanks Jodi! What a fun afternoon hanging out chatting about island life, travel, & food! I look forward to our next tattoo.
August 2018 Tattoos by Faye Basravi
Back to some geometry with Kevin!
Shoulder mehndi-style ornamentation for Joana - thank you for the wonderful conversation!
Gap filler mandala extravaganza!! When we started this project, Dee had a colour piece with a grey-shading background that didn’t settle in optimally. We added the hand hibiscus and black mandala/dotwork to make those gorgeous leaves pop. Thank you for your trust with this piece, Dee!
A lil' Northern Flicker named Jeremy.
Delicate sun and moon designs for Vinita. 
Matching foot tattoos to celebrate Erica and Andrea's sisterly love. I was so honoured to make this happen for you two <3
August 2018 Tattoos by Amelie Soucy
Vintage camera and lil hummer for Rhonda ! All the lines are healed, colour/ shading fresh! Please excuse the glare, this was a hard one to photograph. I had so much fun creating this ! I love doing colour so much and would love more opportunity to create pieces like this. 
Sweet little lilac branch for a sweet lady! Thank you so much L! 
The sea creature legsleeve in progress for Elin! Some guys are healed and others fresh! 
The beginning of a nature sleeve.
Tattoos by Rainfire Guest Artists
August 2018 Tattoos by Dmitry Razin
Lotus flower in mandala style. 2 hours of pain and beauty are done. 
She loves her cat so much! He is a space hero now. 
Custom abstract outline tattoo. This guy has been in different countries and there are some elements that belong to them.
Let this rose see the world! 
Minimalist tattoo. Nothing extra, only a whale’s tail.
Mysterious, mountainous iceberg with trees and flying rocks in bold black lines and vibrant colours. He was dreaming about this tattoo for years. It’s pure pleasure to see a client’s eyes full of happiness. 
Custom design with vibrant colours. This is her son exploring such a beautiful world. Thank you for trust and patience! 
We gave a new life for the old pineapple tattoo. Refreshed lines with adding new elements. We also have made a new mountain tattoo and geometric rose behind. Awesome session!