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Monthly Newsletter  -  December 2018

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Despite the encroaching winter weather, Rainfire has been bustling with warm souls. 
Guest Artist Savannah visited us from Mission, BC this month. We loved having her and hope to see her again. 
Amelie will be heading off to Ireland for the beginning of December, we look forward to seeing her new Irish tattoos. 

Faye is currently accepting bookings for Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays for January 2019. Keep an eye on our other artists' instagram accounts for information on when their books are opening.

We welcome December as it hails the coming of the winter solstice, a turning point for the physical and spiritual. Many cultures celebrate the solstice, the pagan practice of bringing evergreen 
into the house represents fertility and new life in the darkness of winter. On the other side of the world, Japan celebrates by soaking in baths with yuzu citrus fruits, which is intended to welcome the solstice and protect from winter colds.

We hope you enjoy this months festivities in whatever form they come in. 
For the month of December only:
Drop off an umbrella at Rainfire Tattoo and take home a colouring book. 
All of the umbrellas will be donated to the lovely people who don't have homes in the downtown Eastside.
Megan Allard From Australia January 3-18, 2019 -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Accepting booking for her available designs on her website (with a few exceptions for previous clients).
Leigh Harris From Sweden: February 1-28th, 2019 - Currently accepting bookings.
You can email him at:
Mary Jane Dotwork From Sweden: February 1-28th, 2019 - Currently accepting bookings.
You can email her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

December Designs 2018 

by Katia Somerville
Leaves of Life- Encapsulating the motion of nature
Entangled Pathways- Growth towards fullness
Enlighten- The delicate dance of daily human connections.
Musical Spheres- Forming, shaping, drifting into infinite space. 


> Fill Out the Tattoo Form Here <

> Each design will only ever be tattooed once and the recipients will be chosen at random. 
I am a fast tattoo artist, however the time it takes will depend on the canvas size and skin. Most of the designs in this month's newsletter should be able to be completed one session, about 4-5 hours maximum. Thanks for your interest and for applying. <3 Katia
*These are original art works by Katia Somerville. With respect, please do not duplicate the designs, bring them to another tattoo artist nor post them online. All tattoos are one-time custom pieces that Katia has drawn with intention.

Available Designs By Faye Basravi 
These designs are available to be tattooed by Faye, you can email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to claim either of these lovely pieces. 
Images show suggested placement, however placement is open. click on the image to see a larger version.
November 2018 Tattoos by Katia Somerville
A reminder to pause, and notice spaces between the noise. Thanks Tony, an honour to share this moment with you. ♥ Katia
This tattoo for a drummer who embraces life. Thanks for flying from Virginia for this start to your sleeve. Vibrant Transparency- The more layers and patterns are revealed, the more clear they become. ♥ Katia
Strongly rooted, this tattoo represents overcoming addictions. Incredible day with this incredible human. ♥ Katia
Weapons of skill and compassion blaze through forest adventures glowing with the lava's heat. Tattoo for a nature creature.  ♥ Katia
Jazz, thank you for sharing your deeply felt words and I appreciate your honesty about the tattoo's meaning. It meant a lot to me that you cried tears of happiness when you took off the blindfold. Enjoy your beautiful roots. ♥ Katia
Confidence to take manifest your own dreams. Heather's first tattoo ♥ Katia
Flowing effortlessly into the spaces between everything else. Top lotus by my apprentice, Faye. ♥ Katia
November 2018 Tattoos by Ashley Apok
Finished up this geometric blackwork sleeve today. Thanks for being an amazing client, Deen, and for trusting my vision with this project.
'Life is a ride'- you've probably heard this saying many times- does it mean anything to you? For me, I interpret it as this Human experience is literally taking me for a ride- and in that I have two choices: grip tightly in the illusion of safety, or maintain a loosness, and throw my arms in the air at opportune moments.
Through the fire with this one on a homie. Thanks for being a rock solid individual Antz!
Thanks for sharing your story with me Rose- I found your perspective refreshing.
One thing is for certain: we are all on this wild journey together. Thanks for your strength, Jaime.
November 2018 Tattoos by Faye Basravi
Thank you, Brittany, you are tuffffff!
The gentlest (and badassest) reminder that we are all worthy of love, care, and happiness. Thais, it was such an honour to do this tattoo for you. . . Big changes are's in the air!
Pretty poisonous plant fillers for our wonderful office manager/receptionist Ash.  
Geometrified bull kelp for Matt! Thank you for bringing me an idea with bold line work and trusting that I could do it! I may be a delicate and feminine type of gal with a lot of my work, but I think there is a way to make all of those things to work together...I don't know. I'm working on it!
Bringing new life to an old tattoo. 
November 2018 Tattoos by Amelie Soucy
Snake, chrysanthemum and water lilies for my tough as heck client Nicole! Thank you for powering through! 
Ginkgo Biloba leaves - one of the oldest living tree species. Extracts of this plant can have positive effects on cognition, memory, circulation, mood, and oxidative stress. It is known as the “living fossil” and has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years! How cool! Thank you for your trust Sarah!
A pink BIRB! So fun. Thank you Jaime!
Little fox friend for Xiaoleens first tattoo! Thank you for giving me the honour of creating this special piece for you. 
Ferocious fur boy and blossoms for Rheann! Thank you so much!
Fireweed! Humble bumbles! Thank you for sitting like a champ through this Tamara! 
 Tattoos by Rainfire Guest Artists

November 2018 Tattoos by Savannah Mah

zero two from darling in the franxx.
Sailor mars concept for @stephinika who enjoyed my face distortion scouts~
Let me know what you think of the background, is it too busy? Is it werkin?
Have a good weekend everyone, whether you do cool stuff or just be a gudetama.
junji ito: uzumaki panel

twitchy area near the ankle, but we did it! 
magical kitsune ~☆