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Monthly Newsletter  -  September 2019

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August brought Felix, Faye and Ashley back to Vancouver for their regular guest spots, and Katia started tattooing again after her surgery. Scroll to the bottom to check out the tattoos they did in August. 

We would also like to announce that on August 8th, Kylie Faelan started her official apprenticeship, after drawing with Katia many times a week since last November. You can check out Kylie's progress on her Instagram. She isn't currently tattooing, but has plans to start around October, after completing  research projects and tasks. Stay tuned for updates as to when Kylie will be accepting simple requests. 

We also hired a full-time shop manager who starts this month for training. Welcome Molly!
Also in September, Mariana and Gina from Mexico city will be accepting clients for custom work, and there are a few other full time and guest artists arriving this fall. See the banners below to find out who:)

We are excited for the upcoming growth of Rainfire Tattoo. Stay tuned for more artists who will be coming through our shop, and we hope you will find the perfect artist for your next tattoo. :)

<3 Katia

click here for their portfolios and contact info. 

Ashley Apok, regular guest artist from Nelson, BC - September 21-29, 2019 
BOOKS OPEN - Email Ashley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Mariana Groning from Mexico - September, 2019
BOOKS OPEN - Email Mariana at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Gina Zajec from Mexico - September, 2019
BOOKS OPEN - Email Gina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Alana Cronshaw from Nelson, BC - October 2-5, 2019
BOOKS OPEN - Get in touch with Alana through her contact form regarding available bookings.
Mary Jane Watson from Sweden - October, 2019
BOOKS OPEN - Email Mary Jane at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Bekki from Lunalana Tattoo in the UK will be coming to tattoo with us at Rainfire in November and December, 2019. She is taking bookings for custom consultations. 
BOOKS OPEN - Email Becci at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Paul Bevan from the United Kingdom - Fall 2019
Just announced, Paul Bevan will be coming to work at Rainfire full time this fall.
BOOKS OPEN - Email Paul at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

September 2019 Designs

by Katia Somerville
If you would like one of these original designs tattooed, please click the link below the designs.
Uplift: The body has grown to what is is today from just 2 tiny cells and has the ability to mostly heal itself (with some help at times). I drew this while in recovery and poured positivity into the design, as a reminder to stay confident and calm in the face of challenges.  
Process Tress- Reaching it's branches skyward, and even turning into birds and flying away, this tree has represented patience in working through issues. The branches weave through the dodecahedron, one of the five platonic solids representing observing life more deeply. 
Balanced Affinity (above): With an innate sense that symmetry brings order and perfection, stability is often felt in  symmetrical environments. Discordant surroundings can be unsettling, however each is no better or worse. Each play a part in the interplay of Duals, so that choice and change can occur. - Teachings from the book, The Hidden Geometry of Life, Karen L French. 
I have two versions here that you can choose from, option 'a' would be a great start to a sleeve. I am happy to tattoo either one. Please let me know in the comments. 
When naming this design, the word "Transmute" came to me. 
- Diving into the depths, without interference 
Focusing on the inner self, not your appearance
<3 Katia
Each design will only ever be tattooed once and the recipients will be chosen at random. There is a 'Trust Tattoo' offered every 2nd or 3rd month.
I am a fast tattoo artist, however the time it takes will depend on the canvas size and skin. Thanks for your interest and for applying. <3 Katia
*These are original art works by Katia Somerville. With respect, please do not duplicate the designs, bring them to another tattoo artist nor post them online. All tattoos are one-time custom pieces that Katia has drawn with intention.

August 2019 Tattoos

by Katia Somerville
This tattoo was my first since the healing break and this session was a reminder for Angela to stay calm in the midst of storms. I feel renewed and energized after so much down time. Thanks to all for being understanding, and to my booked clients who have pushed ahead their appointments by a month or two. ♥Katia
Flowing through adversity and disconnection by appreciating challenges as opportunities to grow. ♥Katia
Loving being back in the 'saddle.' This tattoo design reminded the client of a dream catcher and honours people close to her who have passed away and sometimes visit in her dreams. ♥Katia

August 2019 Tattoos

by Ashley Apok
Wow. Through the fire with this one. Humbled and awed by the strength of this Woman, who sat like stone for this body temple adornment 'Central Channel' from my June design offerings.
I got to indulge in some hyper detail with this Mehndi forearm piece. Thanks Saneeta for booking in with me!
Thanks for coming back Rachel, I appreciate the depth of our conversations as well as your ability to make light of undue seriousness.
Aspen is a collector of my art. It's been a really humbling process to have them return again and again and request me to decorate their Earthsuit with my art. We have the most badass conversations about communication and emotional intelligence, and how to better show up for the people we love. We also laugh about how weird Humans are. Thank you brother!
Michelle selected 'Dripping Divine' from my June design offerings. Every time someone resonates with a design offering, it uplifts and propells me towards sharing more of my gift with the world. Thank you
What does it mean to fully show up for this Human experience? For me, that is an evolution- it has meant different things in previous stages of my awakening. Right now, I have a fascination with relating to other Humans, communication, intimacy, and facing my fears of closeness and vulnerability. Previously, I saw relating as secondary to letting go of worldly attachments, and my relationships fell into something that would ultimately cause pain and fall away anyways- I was being safe with my awakening, and keeping it all for myself. I listened to a talk by Adyashanti and he spoke of opening the spiritual heart, and how it is often left out of western spirituality. He described how to invite the awareness of awakening into the heart, and experience the world from this openness- it blew my mind! Now I'm integrating that insight into my experience, and learning how to show up, hold space, and listen to those I love, and chosen fam. It's big. It's scary. And I'm loving it!
I did this Islamic inspired mandala for Anthony yesterday. I'm deeply touched by the stories they shared with me, and the meaning behind the tattoo. Beautiful. When I started this journey I sometimes got overwhelmed by the emotional energy that often came up for people during the tattoo process, and would put up a wall. I'm grateful that over the years I have discovered a deep willingness to cultivate my ability to listen, and hold space for what my clients share with me, and to offer my insights when I intuit that they could be received. Gratitude.
Elbow blast! Thanks for your strength Jodi! I enjoy our time together. I'm feeling deeply nourished by my clients and the connections we have shared! Deep bow.
The 64 tetrahedrom grid is a three dimensional representation of the fractal nature of reality. With the vector equilibrium geometry at its core representing the infinitely small and contactive aspect of reality, and the infinitely expansive aspect represented by adding tetrahedrons until you arrive at the next symmetrical geometry(in this case 512 tetrahedrons). The circle vortex background element represents spin(angular momentum) as observed in torodial dynamics at all scales of reality.

August 2019 Tattoos

by Felix Addison
Embellishment and expansion of an existing tattoo. Central tree not by me.
This project was a delight to work on. This is Jack. Jack is the best friend of the client who has volunteered for years at an avian wildlife rescue. Jack is full of personality and actually has a ball that he likes to play with, though in this version it has become the sun containing the tribal colours of the client to represent her native heritage.

This elk skull is a momento of a year spent in Canada, hiking and exploring the wildernesses we have here that cannot be found in Europe and admiring the animals which roam them. The majesty of the elk was particularly striking to the client. 


August 2019 Tattoos

by Faye Basravi
Just a badass female wolf on a badass female human!!! Thank you Sabrina for being an amazing client and an accidental adopted sister! You're the best. - Roses in the second photo are healed from April.
Sweet pea flowers for Kelsey - despite having some really challenging days lately, I still get to meet and tattoo you wonderful people and that always gets me through. 
Medusaaaaaaa for Katt. 
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