About Katia


Katia is the owner and main tattoo artist at Rainfire Tattoo. She has been involved with art and drawing since childhood. She started her journey into tattooing in 2004.
Katia has devoted her life to the arts, her love of tattooing and designing custom wearable art. She takes great pride in offering a calm and peaceful tattoo environment for her clients. Katia enjoys her craft immensely and puts her intention, love and passion into each and every tattoo she creates. She is constantly learning and growing in her work as an artist and as a human being. She has her certificates from participation in a sterilizer monitoring program and certified education in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens and you can be assured that everything she tattoos with is one-use, safe and sterile.
Katia enjoys getting to know her clients before she starts tattooing them so that they can establish a safe and comfortable connection before getting started. Katia views tattooing as a sacred part of the human experience and it is important to her that her clients understand that this artwork and experience will be with them for life. Her devotion to creating something unique and complimentary to her client is one of her many strengths. Over the years her tattooing style has evolved and she has found her preferred style of tattooing. She specializes in sacred geometry, mandalas, dot-work, black & grey, patterns and mehndi styles.
She asks that you do not copy or duplicate her artworks in any way as each design is drawn custom for the person receiving it. Stealing any artist's work can be disrespectful, unsupportive, and upsetting for that artist and client. Please be respectful and enjoy her artwork with your eyes only and hopefully you can gain some inspiration from it for your own tattoo with Katia one day <3
Namaste, Blessings, Love & Light