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“Kylie was super patient with me figuring out placement and sizing which I was totally wishy-washy about at first. And the tattoo itself turned out gorgeous! Super crisp lines and smooth curves. I’m super happy with it.” Angela

“This was my birthday treat to myself. No words can describe how happy I am to FINALLY be tattooed by the incredibly talented hand of Katia Somerville. Thank you Katia! I absolutely LOVE IT!!! The experience of getting this tattoo was very powerful and I cherish my time spent in her studio. She is a wonderful person and runs an inspiring space full of tons of eye candy! Before our session I drew a card from a deck, and she read me what it meant. It goes like this: “It’s time to leap into the air and let the earth turn beneath you, to discover new things when you come down again. Forces of chaos are at work. Look for the unexpected, find opportunity in it and ‘GO FOR IT’. Use creativity and think amazing new thoughts.” This sums up how I’m feeling perfectly. I do feel like my life has been in a sort of chaos, and I am so ready to put it all into place now. I am super excited to leap into the air!!! And of course, I love to use my creativity! I feel a deep churning inside and the time is now. 40 is just a number but it sure feels like the beginning of something big and exciting. I literally CAN NOT WAIT to see what this life ahead holds for me. I’m so fortunate to have such an amazing partner, a wonderful family and such a special group of friends to share my experiences with. Thank you all for being a part of my special journey!” 3 months later we decided to embark on this journey! How fitting is that card reading? Just wow!!! I love my tattoo so much!” – Jill

Thank you Paul! This tattoo means a lot to me and honestly everything went great. I loved every single bit on that day and can not wait to come back. – Jerome

I enjoyed seeing the passion with which Faye approached the design of my tattoo. She put me at ease right away and was able to make the experience very memorable for the right reasons! – Prarthna

My experience at Rainfire Tattoo was amazing. Not only did i feel like I was in a very loving and safe place but I also felt enlightened just by being there. The card reading before the tattoo gave me so much insight and empowerment as to why this beautiful art would be apart of me. Katia’s ability as an artist and love and passion for what she does shines through in her work. My tattoo healed beautifully and this was truly such a special experience. Many people have commented that it is the best tattoo they have seen. It is beautiful and I feel so much gratitude and honour to have been a part of the experience. Thank you to Katia for bringing more love, light, appreciation and empowerment into my life.” – Melanie T

“I’m in love with the recent work done by Felix. Every time I look at my tattoo I see something that I didn’t see before. Rainfire is the perfect place for first or last tattoos (is there ever a last one?) Amazing artists, sandalwood essential oil, tea, faerie cards, the best place to finish a book. Much love!” – Jill M

Bekki made the experience so easy and as painless as possible! I’ve never had a tattoo heal as good as this one has. I truly appreciate all the time and effort she put into creating my new tattoo! I would highly recommend this tattoo shop and will most likely be coming back! <3

Katia Somerville’s art is a part of our life journey’s 💗🌙⭐

Linked by love & ink!

– Rosie and Leslie

*Not Faye’s Design* “Wow! What an incredibly sacred/spiritual/beautiful experience I had at Rainfire Tattoo. Faye was my artist. She was AMAZING! I could not be any more happier with my tattoo. This was truly a special moment in my life. Thank you for everything!” -Hayley

“I went and got my hand tattooed and I’m so happy with it! It makes me so happy every time I look at it. The studio has amazing energy in it that is very calming and relaxing, I am so excited to get more tattooed by Katia ASAP!” – Zed G

“Getting a tattoo from Katia was an amazing experience! I’m ecstatic about the way it looks, it’s healing like a dream, and she was amazing. Professional, and but extremely warm and welcoming. This was my third tattoo, though and everything about the experience just added to the importance of the piece. ” – Diane L

“My sister and I got a tattoo from Faye Basravi. Our experience was excellent from beginning to end. Faye was very friendly and professional. She designed a tattoo for us based on some ideas/suggestions we had. She drew a beautiful and original piece, and we couldn’t be happier with the tattoo. Our whole experience at Rainfire was comfortable and pleasant. All of the artists were friendly and professional, and the setting is quiet and soothing. We would highly recommend Faye, and we would definitely go back to her.” – Andrea

“My tattoo is healing well and looks AMAZING! Katia was so patient with me during the entire process and I really appreciated the time and care she gave me throughout the entire experience. I’ve received so many complements on it piece, and I cannot say enough great things about Katia and the work she does. I sincerely hope to visit again soon for another stunning addition. THANK YOU!” – Lindsey

“A friend referred me to Rainfire tattoo a few months back. After a little while, I contacted Felix to book a session and do some design work. While I was a bit worried about the drive from Seattle, once I got to the studio, all my anxieties washed away. This studio, hands down, has the best, most peaceful atmosphere I had been in, in months. Felix, the rest of the staff, and even another patron, were all incredibly comforting and supportive. I am extremely satisfied with my tattoo, and I will be back for more work as this life-story continues. ” – Kyle V

“Well that was one of the most beautiful and magical tattoo experiences of my life.” – Kyle S (tattoo by Katia)

“I received a beautiful little birdy from Faye and I couldn’t be happier! The customer service was wonderful and she had such a gentle hand. I’ll definitely be back!” – Keely

Sea stars from Powell River sharing their tattoos by Katia. – Autumn Skye, Ingalisa and Christina

“What a magical experience! From the pre-tattoo meditation to Katia’s gentle yet detailed tattooing. I have been trying to get on the list for two years and finally, the day came. Oddly, it started to hail as I entered for my session, sunny all day, then hail again the second I step out after finishing (financial gains coming… anyone?? :D). I am very happy with my beautiful tattoo. It has garnered a lot of positive attention and I am just amazed at the detail and placement. If you get a chance to sit at any of the chairs at Rainfire, I strongly suggest you do. This art is on another level. Thanks, Rainfire team for such an amazing experience!” – John

“Got my first tattoo here by Felix and I couldn’t be happier! I had been waiting 20 years to find the right tattoo and I finally did it! Being my first I was a bit nervous but Felix was amazing and I felt immediately that I was in good hands. We talked about the meaning of the tattoo. The fact that we both understand the power of a tattoo in the physical body made me feel relaxed, happy and grateful at the same time. The possibility to spend some time in the meditation room was certainly a plus. The whole experience was quite relaxing and I can’t imagine getting tattooed anywhere else. Amazing artists and beautiful souls, I am ever grateful especially to Felix. Being an artist myself, I feel so proud and humbled to showcase such a magnificent and meaningful work of art in my body. I can’t say enough, thank you so much!” – Gracie QD

“My favourite part of the experience was how amazing Bekki was and how comfortable everyone made me feel!” -Michelle K

“I had a wonderful experience getting my first tattoo. The studio was a calming place and I’m really pleased with Katia’s detailed line work and shading. She did an awesome job fitting the geometry of the piece to my shoulder and upper arm. The healing of process was a smooth one and I’m still delighted with the work every morning when I wake up.” – Janet S

“I would recommend Rainfire Tattoo & Katia to everyone. My experience was unlike any other I have had at other Tattoo shops, and I have a good amount of ink. I received a beautiful Bud & Bloom design from the Rainfire Tattoo newsletter by Katia and from the moment I arrived at the shop I felt at ease and comfortable.” – Britt

“I recently saw Faye at Rainfire for the first time. I was worried about getting an appointment because they don’t have a phone but she responded back to my email within a week and I was in for a consult a week later, and had my tattoo done a few weeks after that. The studio is cute and very welcoming, Katia was so kind and friendly and Faye was so lovely! So excited I found a great artist that I can actually book with! She did such a fantastic job on my tattoo, exactly what I wanted if not better. She was also really quick, and she is so sweet and easy to talk to. She took the time to get the size/placement exactly right and made sure I was 100% happy with things before she started. Love her and Rainfire, can’t wait to get my next one there!” – Hayley

“I had a fantastic experience getting my first tattoo from Faye at Rainfire. She was a joy to work with through the consultation process. My sister and I wanted to get tattooed together, and we gave her a pretty loose framework of what we were looking for. The design she came up with was perfect on the very first shot. Both my sister and I loved the sketch.” -Erika

“This tattoo has inspired my massage brand: Lunar Collision Healing. The timing of this tattoo was beyond perfect. I honestly cannot express enough gratitude to Katia. My tattoo has lit an inner fire within me and now that it is forever with me, the fire shall never die until this life time is up.” – Samantha S

“Rainfire is an amazing place to get a tattoo! A place that completely bucks the trend of what the atmosphere of a tattoo establishment should be, the aura is that of warmth and compassion. I had a great deal of anxiety leading up to my session and was completely calm and relaxed in the presence of such talented artists. Faye did an amazing job on my tattoo, was knowledgeable and considerate, and we had some great conversations. Will definitely be coming back and cannot give high enough of a recommendation.” – Donald

The atmosphere of the shop is very unique and calming. I felt welcomed from the moment I stepped through the door.” -Tyler B

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